“we’re two lovers stuck in a sweet embrace.. holding tight ’til we crush our veins..”

my living comes from teaching special children and counting meals but i like to kiss my fingers and cameras when i get the chance; so i’m trying to do both at the same time. she likes connecting letters from books, saying sweet poetry and sleeping in my arms; and she’s trying to do everything at the same time. we both love weekends. and sundays, and the feeling you get when you travel and the distinct smell of books we read/places we’ve been to. thus it’s about time, sundays that you’ll love is my and L’s home. this is where we can share everything that we saw on live-view. from simple Sunday mornings spent together, to dinners, afternoons at beaches and even night walks with family and friends.

feel free to comment and say something about the colors, lights, layouts, places and people and etc; or message if you’d like to have a shoot or just to say hi!

browse along and feel like it’s the weekend! sundays that you’ll love 😉


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  1. L

    Who doesn’t like Sundays? Whether you’re thinking of the delectable, frozen treat or the last weekend before work, you’ll savor both to the last scoop/second because it is just so darn good! 😉 So, put on your Sunday’s best, follow us here (or in any social network you wish), and enjoy every photograph to the last post! 🙂

    WELCOME to SUNDAYS THAT YOU’LL LOVE & feel like it’s a weekend! 🙂

  2. lovers and embraces. how lovely!

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