to the lover,

i’ll tea you later


“and so here, we embrace our flaws and weakness”

a few lines that welcome you to van gogh is bipolar

L, i and jetro the cuckoo cook behind vgib

a friend’s wedding

happy wedding teacher angelo and hayz, may your new beginnings be filled with love and more love

ps. don’t lose your rings:)

the best one

deserves to be the happiest

sunday father’s day!

and belated mother’s day too!

it’s almost sunday folks!

this was
picture taken by my other brother

this was once home, when everyday was like a sunday

lovely day -bill withers

When I wake up in the morning, love 

And the sunlight hurts my eyes

And something without warning, love  

Bears heavy on my mind 

Then I look at you 

And the world’s alright with me

Just one look at you

And I know it’s gonna me 

A lovely day 

A lovely day